Saturday, March 31, 2007

"How i love wednesdays" or "Comic book persecution"

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week!
Why you ask?
Because it's new comic day!!!
I love going into my favorite comics store and hand-picking my books for that week. Seeing all the new stuff, checking out the covers, talking nerdy comics stuff with fellow comic nerds, (except those like in pookie's blog Pookies_World- look at blog titled-Weirdness Magnet, Anyone? ). We say stuff like "who is the more powerful cosmic entity, Galactus or Darkseid?" "who's faster, the Flash or Superman?" "which company is better, Marvel or DC?" Stuff like that.

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I still remember people making fun of me when I was younger, saying comics are stupid, comics are for kids, shit like that. Now, with all the great comics related TV shows and movies out there, comic book awareness is on the rise. HOORAY! Most would still rather sit down and watch a Spider-man movie then pick up a Spidey comic, but I think that says more about our society's collective inability to read, than the quality of "that there funnybook".
Trust me folks, comics have grown up by leaps and bounds.
People still make fun of me now as an adult saying.."how can you like that kiddie stuff?" "aren't you too old for comics?" "have you ever seen the outside of your mother's basement?" "have you ever kissed a girl?"
Well....I'm happily married, my mom doesn't have a basement (she has a dungeon), and no, I'm not too old for comics, and neither are you. I watch football and drink beer like any other guy. I look just like anyone else, except when I wear a comic book themed shirt or cap. That's the only way to identify me as a comic geek. When I meet some idiot who asks me that kind of crap I say "have you watched 300?'s a comics book. or have you seen sin city?'s a comic book. or even road to perdition?....yep, you guessed it, comic book." (or graphic novel, if you're uppity)
and please don't pass judgements on me for being a comic book fan while you're in line buying tickets for ghost rider. People can be such morons!!!
Look, I'm a comic fan and I will always be a comic fan. In other countries (Japan, for instance), comics are a legitimate source of entertainment for adults, as well as kids. Please don't use that double standard of bashing my passion for comics for being "lowbrow" when you sit at home watching "reality" television like american idol or wife swap. That's great if ya like it, but watching that makes you no better than someone watching soaps, or reading romance novels, or writing blogs, or enjoying comics.
It's ALL entertainment, and if it brings you joy doing it, and doesn't hurt others,
Next time, I'll post about a specific subject.
i just don't know what....(star trek, battlestar galactica, doctor who, marvel, DC, captain america, lost, heroes, transformers, spidey 3, politics,etc, etc, etc,) the list goes on.......

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


hey everyone,
I'm gonna try out this whole blogging thing.

thanks to some not-so-subtle prodding from my friends (I'm looking at you daveyyojimbo, mob), i will try to be your geek headquarters for all kinds of stuff. I'll cover comics, movies and TV, books, and give my unwanted opinion every so often. so bear with me as i learn this stuff on the fly. I'll take any tips or help i can get.
okay...first up, the new TMNT movie.

i like the turtles, i do, but this film left me a little cold. let me state for the record that i applaud the use of CGI for a turtles movie. i even like that they resemble the comic versions a bit (except for the color coded masks). they even have the voice characterizations right, and they left out repeated uses of "COWABUNGA!!!!". this movie tried to use a little bit of everything from all versions of the turtles (movies, cartoons, comics, etc.). they did not use the movie to retell the origin of the turtles for the millionth time. i swear, their origin is as well known as superman's. or spider-man's...
anyway....i think it's the writing and story that get to me. the latest animated version of the turtles gets it right. they feel more like fleshed out characters than cartoons. maybe it's the format. the recent cartoon has continuing storylines, where the new film feels like you are getting onboard in the middle of the story. the whole thing feels rushed.
who knows...I'm probably in the minority about the movie. i did like it, but maybe i was expecting more. i hope the sequel will be better. they at least set it up so that shredder will return. he was always the best villain for the turtles...well, except for vanilla ice! "ninja... ninja... RAP!!!"