Thursday, July 12, 2007

episode 3- George Lucas is the devil

i hate this guy so much, i'll probably do another podcast on him.


Hale McKay said...

Interest blog you have here. I will explore it further one day. I read a few of posts below, especially those on comic books and sci-fi programs/movies. I left an extensive comment on your Apr 14 post, "?Step into the Tardis?".

Have a good weekend.

buckaroo banzai said...

hale mckay-welcome and thanks for the kind words! i need to check out your blog because your response to mine was better written than anything i can come up with. i'm a better talker than writer, that's why i'm trying podcasting.
anyway....i completely respect your views on the new galactica and agree with most of what you said. i feel that using human cylons smacks of saving budget money. the other thing i find funny in the new show, is that the cylons are more interesting than the humans.
however, there is precident for using human cylons in original galactica. in a 2 part episode of galactica 80 there is a human cylon that meets "wolfman jack"! i know, i know, galactica 80 doesn't count.
did you know in the script for the bryan singer galactica continuation
that there were supposed to be human looking cylon agents infiltrating galactica? heck, even the missing apollo (richard hatch) was supposed to be revealed as the half cylon imperius leader on the cylon home world! i don't think that a galactica "the next generation" sequel would have met with as much critical acclaim or happiness from old school fans.
i myself, love both versions dearly. i buy all the comics (the classic series comics by dynamite is WAY better than new galactica IMHO). my favorite continuation of the old series is the richard hatch novels. check them out if ya can.
lastly, i could not agree more with you about the godzilla movie.
it was a fun flick, but it was NOT godzilla. if i love anything more than galactica, it would be godzilla movies (or gamera, or any giant monster from toho studios)
i like what the japanese did with GINO (godzilla in name only).they called him 'zilla, then had him get his butt kicked by the REAL godzilla in "godzilla:final wars" YAY!!!
anyway....checkout the podcast if you like and i'll be talking to you soon.
take it easy,

Mob said...

Hey bud, I know you're not really blogging per se, but if you wanna play, I tagged you with a set of oddball questions over at the blog if you wanna do it.

Love and snoodles,


eric1313 said...

I agree. George Lucas is a creatively-bankrupt twit who should have let Kevin Smith direct episodes one through three. Smithy would probably re-wrote half of it, gave shock-treatment to the memebers of the cast that had no chemistry or enthusiasm, and replaced JarJar with a wookie, like we all wanted to see.

Not to mention--you ever notice that Georgie looks like a pig with a goatee? Like an Orc from LOTR, a well fed one at that.

I imagine he's surrounded by sycophants who say things like "wow, JarJar is a great idea! He'll be the next threepio! How DO you do it, George?"

At least, he is obviosly in his own world, or dimension, probably like hell, but cold, blacker, and far far away...

Peace out

Anonymous said...

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